EZ-Flo® Fiber Feeder

For 50 lb Bags Thumb to 70. Holding Capacities to 500 lbs at 500tph Plant Rates Thumb fiber feeder conveyor.
With "Slaved to Plant Operation" Automation. AutomationAutomation

Bag Feed

  • Bag Feed Table-Hopper Skid Table Hopper Skid ThumbTable Hopper Skid
  • Ez-Flo® Scale-Blower Skid EZ-Flo Scale-Blower Skid ThumbEZ-Flo Scale-Blower Skid


  • Conveyor Feed Skid Conveyor Feed Skid ThumbConveyor Feed Skid
  • Trailer Mount Trailer Mount ThumbTrailer Mount

Bale Feed

  • Hopper Hopper ThumbHopper Thumb
  • Field Service Field Service ThumbField Service
  • Rent to Buy Rent To Buy ThumbTrailer Mount
  • Financing


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